Zylox Medical Device Co.


On 27th April 2021, the opening ceremony of ZYLOX-TONBRIDGE Industrial Park was held grandly.


The park was completed and put into use on April 10th, 2021, covering an area of nearly 23 acres. The park has one 6-storey building and two 12-storey buildings. The overall floorage of the three buildings is 38000 m2 including 10,000m2 clean room for production.

The company wanted to build a new headquarters that would meet the needs of future product innovation and bring the comforts for employees. A range of laboratories and multi-functional meeting zones have been provided in the 6-storey building and reasonably distributed on each floor. On the 2nd floor, there are meeting rooms of different sizes and open spaces with sofas and bar stools, which allow for comfortable conversation. The interior of the building is complemented by a leisure book bar, coffee bars, cafeterias and a staff canteen on the ground floor. The numerous sports passions of the employees were also taken into account. Two indoor gymnasiums and a nearly 800-meter outdoor track around the park were designed and built in the interest of the employees’ well-being.


Located in the Yuhang distinct of Hangzhou city, the ZYLOX-TONBRIDGE Industrial Park takes outstanding location advantages. It offers unrivalled proximity to east Hangzhou high-way station, which is going to be opened before 2022, with access to the main arterial roads only minutes away. The park is also closed to the Alibaba’s global headquarters, China Artificial Intelligence Town and a series of technology companies, with an innovative atmosphere full-bodied.


Relying on modern enterprise laboratories and innovation incubation centers, ZYLOX-TONBRIDGE Medical will also join forces with universities, hospitals, and medical research institutions in the province and across the country to build medical-industry innovation platform and create a cardio-cerebrovascular industry center and a scientific research innovation center with an output value of tens of billions.